Asiago Foods USA

A Brief History

A Passion for Woodland Mushrooms

For more than 25 years we have specialized in harvesting, production, and distribution; selecting the highest grade produces of wild mushrooms, wild berries, and vegetables providing frozen ready-made dishes. ASIAGO FOOD brings the goodness of nature to the tables of many families worldwide, and into the kitchens of professional chefs.

The Group

As a family operated business located in Italy, ASIAGO FOOD began in the natural environment of the mountains of Asiago, Vicenza, where the operations of harvesting, selecting, and distribution was happening in the seven municipalities of Asiago. In 1996 ASIAGO FOOD changed its classification to SpA and moved its production, administrative and commercial offices to Veggiano, Padova.

Today the factory covers an area of 5000 m2, with production sites in Italy, and abroad. ASIAGO FOOD harvests and selects the highest quality foods with the same passion of the past and more importantly, with the experience developed through the years.

We have refined our historical production by adding new products using frozen and dried wild mushrooms, frozen wild berries, all-natural frozen vegetables, finger-food and ready-made dishes which is perfect for our modern day life-styles.

The Present

Today, as in the past, ASIAGO FOOD means 100% natural food. The produce quality and the continuous efforts of our staff have been the key factors that have allowed us to gain commercial success in Italy and abroad.

For more than ten years in our farmlands in Bulgaria, we’ve been using organic methods where we harvest and farm wild mushrooms, strawberries, cherries, plums, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, and grapes.

With our production sites located directly in the harvesting areas, we can guarantee trustworthy, organic, and healthy products. We select the raw material and strictly control the production cycle, using the IQF freezing process within few hours from the harvest. This ensures the highest quality and freshness of all our products.

The group is made up of various companies; each specialized in the farming, production and distribution processes. 60% of what we sell comes straight from our production sites with the utmost respect for the environment, while offering all-natural premium, high quality-controlled food products for retail, foodservice, as well as private label production.

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